Technical Support

From virus scans to complete breakdowns, from documents that just won't print to complete emergency recovery from a data loss situation, we've got you covered. Our experienced technicians are waiting to help you out of whatever jam your computers have left you in today. Give us a call to speak to one of our friendly computer experts today.

Managed Services

Do you feel like you could use a little more peace of mind? No problem. We can help! With our managed services plan, our engineers will ensure that everything you can't see, is working as well as everything you can. By constantly monitoring for performance issues, viruses, intrusion attempts, hardware problems, and more, we bring you the benefits of having a computer technician on the payroll, for a fraction of the cost.

On-site Repair

Do you need someone to visit your office to fix a problem you can't even describe? We'll come right to you - often inside of the hour - and diagnose and repair the issue onsite. Downtime can be a huge problem for small businesses, and we know how important it is to be back up and running as soon as possible.

Design & Planning

Not everything in the Information Technology field has to do with what's broken, and we prefer to avoid looking at small businesses from the perspective of your everyday break/fix company. Small businesses are all about growth, and IT is often one of the places that growing businesses, both new and old, don't invest when they need to the most. Let us make your computers speed your growth, instead of always slowing you down.


If your business depends on fast and reliable networks and servers to help your employees work together, we want to help make sure your investment is working as hard as you are. We can even provide the server and networking equipment, set it up for you, and monitor their performance over time.


Make no mistake, everyone needs to have backups. And did you know that most traditional backup systems can't protect you from ransomware attacks? Sit down with our engineers today to learn about how managed backups can give you security and peace of mind.


Between ransomware, fraud, identity theft, and denial-of-service attacks, honest businesses have never been victimized by hackers as often as they are now - but you don't have to become a statistic. Our engineers will build digital walls that will make even the most tenacious hackers think twice about coming after you.

Anything else

If you're a small business and need help with anything else involving computers or networks, we'd be glad to take a swing at it. We are more than willing to sit patiently with a business owner to figure out new applications or investigate options - and if we can't help you, we'll find someone who can. We like to think of ourselves as partners to our clients - whatever we can do to help, that's what we're there to do.